Q: Hello, I lost one of two earrings. I would like to buy one, is it possible? 

Yes it is possible to buy one at a time 

>>Go to the link one at a time, If your product is not there, do not hesitate to contact us. For certain model and color, we will ask you to return your orphan to make sure you get the symmetrical twin and get the most exact shade. 



No need to worry!

All earrings are treated to keep them as beautiful as the first day!

Yes, all jewelry can be cleaned with mild soap under running water!
That's what's great about nylon, you can wear them in all your activities including the beach!

Nylon jewelry is extremely light which is what makes it so interesting for the earring. Perfect for sensitive ears.

We recommend the nylon earrings for their lightness.

In addition we use hypoallergenic surgical steel rods.

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