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Keishi Baroque freshwater pearls OLIVE dyed 8-9 mm

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Keishi Baroque freshwater pearls

OLIVE shades 8-9 mm

To let yourself be captivated by the magnificence of pearls is to succumb to a timeless passion. Among our collections, pearls occupy a place of honor, revealing our deep attachment to these captivating jewels in all their forms. In the world of current fashion, a dazzling trend is emerging, that of baroque pearls, asymmetrical pearls, true treasures of originality.

Pearls, timeless symbols of elegance, invite you to immerse yourself in the captivating world of Vox & Oz. Our company, driven by the desire to seduce you and stimulate your passion, establishes itself as the ultimate destination for all pearl lovers. At Vox & Oz, we believe in the irresistible power of pearls and their accessibility to everyone.

Join our daring adventure, dive into the heart of our experimentation, and allow your tastes to transform. Our incessant quest for innovation is nourished by your presence, because it is thanks to you that we are constantly evolving.

Assembled on stainless steel rod thus reducing the risk of allergies.




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