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MARTINI 3D round earrings and baroque pearls

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Round Triple Hoop Earrings & Baroque type freshwater pearls.

MARTINI is a model worn as a "front-back" jacket

A pair of authentic baroque pearls this time accompanies the Martini model for a unique little work of art.


In a world where fashion celebrates creativity and originality, we offer you a resolutely elegant approach to highlighting our ultra-light jewelry. Imagine yourself, wearing our jewelry like a wallet, adorned with an authentic freshwater baroque pearl. It is the perfect fusion between tradition and modernity, a harmonious marriage of refined materials and current fashion trends.

In this approach, we aim to transcend simple jewelry to elevate them to the rank of works of art. Our creations reflect the richness of textures and the daring of creativity. We position ourselves as experts, dedicated to excellence in the art of working with pearls in contemporary forms.

With a particular affection for pearls, we are committed to reinventing them in all their forms, highlighting their singularity. We aspire to become the undisputed bead specialists, while integrating the innovation of 3D printing into our craftsmanship.

Let us guide you on a journey where tradition meets modernity, elegance meets audacity, and where each piece of jewelry becomes a rare and precious pearl."

Baroque pearls and their great delicacy.

Each baroque pearl is a work of art in itself, shaped by nature with a tenderness that shines through every curve. This jewel is not just an ornament, it is a tribute to the beauty of irregularity, to the elegance of imperfection.

Wearing this jewel is not only embracing singularity, but also embodying delicacy. It is a declaration of love towards nature and its creation, a promise of tenderness in a world that values ​​diversity and authentic beauty.



Martini piece 3D print recycled nylon.

  • Diameter 2,5 cm
  • Hand-dyed in an artisanal way
  • Made in Quebec.

Baroque type Keishi pearls

  • 5 mm irregular reliefs 
  • Stainless steel stem reducing the risk of allergies.




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