OVAL earrings: This oval that makes us attractive

OVAL Kiwi earrings from Vox & Oz

Do you have your OVAL earring?

This story perfectly illustrates how attentive listening to our customers and responsiveness to market trends can lead to significant developments in the evolution of our business, while consolidating our position on the international jewelry scene.

The story of the birth of oval jewelry at Vox & Oz is very important!

The introduction of oval jewelry to Vox & Oz is a crucial step in our journey, and it demonstrates our commitment to meeting the evolving needs of our customers while remaining innovative and creative.

In 2019, Vox & Oz's mission was to design innovative jewelry using technology as a means to unleash our boundless creativity. At the time, our main goal was to push the boundaries of jewelry design by offering ultra-lightweight pieces that would capture women's imaginations.

However, at one point we were inundated with specific requests from our customers. They started asking about the availability of oval hoop earrings, oval earrings, and oval jewelry in general. These requests highlighted a real need in the market that we may not have fully anticipated.

That's when we realized the importance of understanding why our customers were looking for oval jewelry. This form must have had a special meaning for them, beyond simple aesthetics. It was essential to meet these specific needs and create jewelry that would not only push the boundaries of design, but also be deeply meaningful to our customers.

Thus, the introduction of oval jewelry at Vox & Oz is the result of this evolution. We have successfully combined technological innovation and artistic creativity with a deeper understanding of our customers' wants and needs. This approach has been essential to maintain our relevance in the market while remaining attentive to our customers.

By highlighting this story, we want to show our ability to evolve and adapt to market demands while continuing to offer unique, high-quality jewelry. At Vox & Oz, we are proud of our journey, our commitment to our customers and our ability to continually innovate.

Brigitte and Lea-Marie working at Vox & Oz family workshop

“We questioned ourselves and we sought to gain an in-depth understanding of the demand, when engaging in jewelry creation, particularly when the goal is to produce high quality pieces. This curiosity and this search for perfection are essential elements in the process of creation and innovation. ":

Oval earrings highlight the power of transformation for different face shapes, more specifically from a point of view oriented towards seduction and personal appeal: The oval softens round and elongated faces!

For round faces, oval earrings add an extra dimension by creating a subtle contrast. They can help visually elongate the face, giving it a more slender and balanced appearance. This oval shape creates a visual harmony that can highlight the symmetry of the face and accentuate delicate lines.

On the other hand, for elongated faces, oval earrings can soften angular contours by adding visual softness. They help create an illusion of width, reducing the appearance of facial length. This can help balance facial proportions and highlight more delicate features.

“Okay then, we were forced to noting that “this oval has a striking force” and demonstrates the way in which an idea, a shape or a concept can become an unexpected and powerful source of inspiration. We therefore needed go back to the drawing board with this oval in mind. It's a beautiful illustration of the power of art and creativity in the jewelry making process." we said to ourselves

Ultimately, jewelry, including oval earrings, is a powerful way to highlight your natural beauty while adding a touch of personal style. Whatever your face shape, the important thing is to choose jewelry that makes you feel good and confident, because this is what will convey the true power of seduction and personal appeal.

Oval jewelry has a special charm when it comes to evoking elegance, sensuality and appeal. Their harmonious, balanced shape can bring a subtle, yet powerful, dimension to an outfit, creating an aura of mystery and sophistication that is undeniably alluring.

The timeless elegance of oval jewelry lies in its simplicity. They are neither too bold nor too understated, making them versatile and suitable for various occasions. Whether it's delicate oval earrings, a pendant or a ring, they can complete an outfit in a subtle way while adding a touch of refinement.

In addition, oval jewelry has the particularity of softening facial features. This feature can be incredibly attractive, as softened facial features are often perceived as more attractive and youthful. The softening effect can create a softer, more welcoming appearance, which can enhance personal appeal.

When you choose oval jewelry, you are opting for timeless elegance and an understated sensuality that can be captivating. Whether for a special evening, an important meeting or simply to feel more attractive every day, oval jewelry can be the perfect choice to add a touch of charm and elegance to your personal style.

 KIWI oval earrings from Vox & Oz

Do you have your OVAL?
By highlighting this story, we want to show our ability to evolve and adapt to market demands while continuing to offer unique, high-quality jewelry.
At Vox & Oz, we are proud of our journey, our commitment to our customers and our ability to continually innovate.
and by the way: since then we have also had our oval in the jewelry box!


GINGER >> https://www.voxandoz.com/Ginger

KIWI >>https://www.voxandoz.com/KIWI


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