“Awakening the Economic Genius of Local Purchasing: A Triumph for All!”

“Awakening the Economic Genius of Local Purchasing: A Triumph for All!”

I wholeheartedly support the I spend LOCAL initiative and I strongly encourage each of you to take part in this adventure from November 3 to 5. This is an exceptional opportunity to discover the treasures that our beautiful province, Quebec, has to offer. More than just purchases, it is an investment in our community, a mark of confidence in our future generations, and the creation of a precious legacy of knowledge.

My own journey has led me to a deep awareness of the importance of buying local. As an Industrial Designer, I was fascinated by the prospect of seeing the products I had designed on the shelves of multinationals. However, after enriching experiences negotiating with suppliers in China, I understood that our local know-how risked fading, leaving our future generations dependent on the outside world. This awareness led me to make a bold choice: leave large companies to actively work for the growth of the local economy, whether in Quebec or across Canada.

At the beginning, Vox & Oz  had a strong international focus, but the pandemic prompted a crucial strategic shift. We decided to focus on our local customers in Quebec. And the result was spectacular. The growing loyalty of our Quebec customers is proof of an unwavering confidence that supports us in the face of current economic uncertainties.

This experience is a concrete demonstration of the power of local purchasing for the stability and prosperity of our businesses. It illustrates how our commitment to the Quebec economy contributes to creating a resilient economic ecosystem, preserving our local skills and talents for generations to come.

In addition, a recent study, cited in an article in the Journal de Montréal dated August 29, revealed that each dollar spent in a small Quebec business brings $0,66 to our local economy, compared to only $0,11 for a multinational. A significant difference that shows the real impact of our purchasing choices.

As a Designer, I fully understand the challenges that local products face, especially during promotional periods such as Black Friday. This is why we have actively participated for 5 years in the “I spend LOCAL” event, which highlights local purchasing and offers exceptional offers as a thank you to our customers for their support.

This unifying virtual event not only helps support local industry, but also helps Quebecers discover the wonders of our province. Every dollar spent in a small business is a major investment in our local economy, much more than when that money goes to a multinational. Buying local is a victory for everyone, a gesture that benefits our economy, our community, and our future.

Buying local is much more than just a lottery, it is a victory that we can all rejoice in.

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