Do the most beautiful job in the world

Watercolor The most beautiful craft in the world by Brigitte Cantin

When my sister Léa-Marie and my mother Brigitte told me about their plan to start their own business, I was delighted with their daring. I found them courageous to come up with this idea from scratch, proud of their perseverance in putting their energy into it 24 hours a day and impressed by their vision of the future and their innovations.

When Léa-Marie gave birth to her baby boy a few months ago, I almost felt the same emotions!

Become a parent for life! Take care of this little being day and night! Make sure he grows up well with all the love he needs. Not an easy task you tell me! But the care and energy that a mother gives to her little one seems to come out of a bottomless pit, and that's what impresses me. Already there, the fact of giving birth deserves a gigantic BRAVO. But it doesn't stop there. Even if they lack sleep, mothers are stubborn and full of sweets. They never quit their role and do not resign. They manage everything all the time and find it normal. Wow! Let's also honor those moms who did the hat trick with a Pandemic, a Baby and a Business. Phew… what a mixture.

Ode to all these pandemic mothers who experienced their motherhood differently. Often more isolated, which saddens me, because I firmly believe that we all need a village to raise a child, they had to multiply tenfold ideas to entertain baby and remain positive despite the forced isolation.

Ode to these entrepreneurial moms who have two babies rather than one to take care of, because this little human, like the company, can be grumpy at times, but makes them so proud.

Moms of this world deserve a big thank you. So spoil this person who is dear to you, give them back a little of everything they have given you. Help her to reduce this heavy mental load. Spend time with her and do her a favor, and if you're the mom: Enjoy your day! You do the greatest job in the universe! Be proud of it!

Claudia Munger, 

Daughter and sister in awe and future mother who will do the greatest job in the world!  


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  • Carmen Bergeron Munger

    What a beautiful tribute! You will certainly make a great mom too. I wish you all the happiness in the world! Bravo for this beautiful text!

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