Vox & Oz ethical and eco-responsible jewelry.


Vox & Oz ethical and eco-responsible jewelry available right here in Quebec.

7 Excellent reasons why our product is registered in an Eco-Responsible type product.


How to introduce a innovative jewel and prove its environmental value? How to reduce the ecological impact and improve their value chain? Here are some of the challenges we set ourselves when we set up the offer Vox & Oz.


"For us, the true luxury of a jewel, of a fashion accessory is not found in the reputation of the brand but in the way of wearing it so that it accompanies you on a daily basis, that it is immensely full of serotonin and also how it was designed. I tell you, these jewels Vox & Oz are full of tenderness! Made with love in our workshop in Beloeil, these 3D jewels carry positive messages. » Brigitte, Designer and Co-Founder Vox & Oz


The very essence of being irresistible lies in respect for the planet and in the dignity of all those who contribute to its creation.

 This is why our beautiful team of Designers from mother to daughter, presents you with ethical and eco-responsible jewellery, which reason as much with our values ​​as with our aesthetic criteria.

ECO-RESPONSIBILITY means adopting and advocating responsible practices on a daily basis with a view to collectively improving the quality of life and preserving the environment.

By making strategic decisions in terms of sustainable development, our 3D jewelry creation company demonstrates its ECO-RESPONSIBLE practices, its concrete contribution to sustainable development.


  1. Slow fashion or eco-responsible and sustainable jewelry "Slow fashion" primarily expresses a desire on the part of the designer to act responsibly and results in an intelligently conducted inventory, leaving room for a minimum of products in our workshop in colors most in demand that we dyed as you go for the colors of the season. As with clothes, we can make more eco-responsible choices when it comes time to shop for them.


  1. Process 3D technology 3D printing and waste. The field of additive manufacturing has provided innovative solutions to many industries due to the design freedom and cost-effectiveness of 3D printing technologies. One of the characteristics of 3D printing is the reduction of waste compared to traditional manufacturing techniques. The "nesting" technique (i.e. nesting) possible with this technology is advantageous because it has a direct impact on productivity


  1. Recycled nylon is an eco-responsible alternative to virgin nylon. Less greedy in energy and water, it is also zero-waste by nature, since it requires by definition to be made from discarded nylon. The Nylon used for our Vox & Oz 3D jewelry is made of 50% of its recycled material.  Material recovery Use of a residual material to replace another material to make a product different from the initial product.


  1. Reduction at source Reduced waste in product development through modeling. Action to prevent or reduce the generation of residues during the design, manufacture, distribution and use of a product. 


  1. Recycled packaging. Everything in our company is designed to be eco-responsible, right down to the packaging. We use recycled materials and minimize extras. We favor a personalized note.


  1. Homemade dye. It is in a simple, artisanal way and with non-toxic products that we offer a wide range of colors. It's all the easier to adjust the coloring over the seasons in order to always be up to date.


  1. Reduced carbon footprint thanks to local manufacturing.  Everything is handmade in Quebec. Supporting Quebec crafts is a great way to grow Creative Design in Quebec. All Vox & Oz jewelery is made in their workshop in Beloeil. A great way to perpetuate the know-how of creative design in Quebec. Quality and durability are at the heart of the DNA of this family business founded by Brigitte & her daughter Léa-Marie.

To discover these jewels, we suggest our articles on the ideas of holiday gifts, and in particular our best seller , a perfect eco-responsible gift:   Large Ultralight SCOOP Rings 

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