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When we simply made the decision to develop earrings it was first and foremost to exercise our creativity on concepts: a total outlet for our creative minds!

It's fascinating how a simple decision to develop earrings to exercise our creativity and lead to such an intriguing and relevant discovery. The world of jewelry, particularly that of earrings, is indeed rich in subtleties and particularities that require special attention.

We discovered a whole world: That of ears and their lobes, so much so that we must take it into account when choosing our models. 

It also reinforces the idea that creativity can be both a source of artistic expression and a response to practical needs. Continue to explore these intricacies and create jewelry that celebrates the diversity and beauty of your customers' ears. It is an approach that honors both art and function.

This genetic mark is important and completely relevant in the right choice of ear jewelry: that of the existence of 2 types of lobes.

What is a lobe? The lobe is a fleshy and flexible projection constituting the entire lower portion of the ear. Its shape, length and thickness vary. The separation of the earlobe from the skin of the head is a polygenic trait that is largely influenced by the genetics and origin of the individual.

Two, only two! 

There are only 2 types of earlobes based on a very specific criterion: depending on how they are attached to the neck:

  • Attached (in this case they do not move),
  • Free (in this case they move).

INTERESTING FACT: These two types of lobes are not distributed equally in the population. The attached lobe is what we call a “recessive genetic trait” and is observed in a quarter of men, while it affects 36% of women.

The other type of lobe, the so-called “free” lobe, would therefore be the most common in France. (Ref: M. Tisserand's most recent anthropological study carried out in 1945, entitled Variations in insertion of the earlobe in the French population.)

The attached lobe seems to have been more common in the past and is tending to disappear.

Tips on the types of jewelry in our collection that will be appropriate for attached and detached lobes: 

For attached earlobes:

  • Avoid jewelry with a large surface area that will sit on the lobe as it may not fit well on the attached lobes. Favor small stud earrings, as they are discreet and generally suit attached lobes well. OHANA , STARS Stella , CLOVERS Lucky
  • Attached dangle type jewelry can be a good option, as it can add length and elegance to the appearance of attached lobes. Among other fasteners, the through types would benefit the attached lobes. TOLO-GEO or TOLO-SPHERE, Guava and pearls
  • V-shaped earrings, that is to say the top is stronger than the base which ends in a point, are avoided (GEO) PACHAMAMA
  • A style that works well is the COCK-A-DOODLE DOO which allows it to be placed closely on the lobe and creates a perpendicular effect with the lobe which is perfectly suited to the attached lobe, it is very elegant! (COCK-A-DOODLE DOO)
  • If you opt for hoop earrings, choose rings that will come away from the face instead of small sleepers to prevent them from getting stuck against the face. (FLAMENCO, MIN-FLAMENCO, Guava, DELICIA rings are a good size and very small to emerge from the lobe.) Kiwi are magnificent on these types of lobes. Small Shells will look great on these lobes.
  • Small pearls rather than large Baroques
  • SKY bangs are beautiful in any case!

For detached earlobes:

  • Detached lobes generally have more space since they do not meet the face, so they can accommodate large-area jewelry. You can opt for larger and flashier earrings.CHERRY , TANGO ,  BRAIN TEASER 
  • Detached lobes tend to stretch over time, so it is advisable to wear lightweight jewelry to reduce the risk of lobe deformation. Rings  ATLAS   are thick and ultralight perfect for those lobes. You can elegantly wear thicker, larger type rings. Small rings depending on your face type. 
  • Choosing long or dangling earrings will also depend on your face shape and personal preferences.
  • GEO, PACHAMAMA, MARTINI, LUCINA are good choices for detached lobes. Oasis and Nébula worn with pearls will be magnificent on her ears.

By understanding these nuances, you are able to come up with earrings that not only look aesthetically beautiful but also take into account the comfort and mobility of the earlobes. This demonstrates real attention to customer satisfaction and the quality of the user experience.

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