Innovate in the jewelry sector? It's possible?


Innovate in the jewelry sector? It's possible?

The day we made the decision to go into business was mainly to respond to our great curiosity and fascination with new technologies and to satisfy this need to spark our imagination and let loose!

The world of jewelry indicated everything and seemed to us like a fertile ground to settle there!

How can an Industrial Designer native of Baie-Comeau and her daughter Lead 3D artist native of Ville Lasalle, both living in Montérégie, slip into this dream? Simply by daring to dream about it and adding piece by piece new products and innovation to the collection. 

“It has been a reality for a few years now, which no one can escape: digitization affects all our industries. Jewelery, although very traditionalist, is no exception to the rule. In recent years, technological and digital innovations have been invading workshops and revolutionizing creation and production methods, subtly mingling with the traditional manufacturing processes of jewelers. When innovation meets tradition… ”

Such comfortable jewelry!

ULTRA Lightness & Flexibility: perfect for sensitive ears!

What amazes and surprises is the lightness of the material. A featherweight!

An important and highly sought-after criterion is the lightness of the earring. 10/12 gr is the maximum suggested weight especially if you want to wear it all day! ... heavier than that often the lobe takes a hit, sometimes it rolls and becomes deformed.

We obtain with comparable earrings but this time in Nylon 3D = 0.05 Gr!

In addition, the great flexibility of the material is most appreciated since these jewels will be very resistant, flexible when put on the ear and will accompany us in our active life!

Nylon dyes like TEXTILE

Nylon is dyed like a textile. We can follow the fashion industry to accompany with great subtlety the various key trends according to the seasons. This finish provides a uniform, consistent and fast color result.

This process also provides 0,2mm color penetration below the object surface, which provides excellent durability. The dyed parts are also harmless to the skin and UV resistant.

A great victory against the paint which flakes! Or the tarnishing of metals. In addition, no yellowing effect as can be seen with some resins.


It is possible to innovate in this wonderful world of jewelry!

More than ever, we also want to develop jewelry and make it more comfortable and trendy in our fashion today.

This is what Vox & Oz adores, jewelry to take care of human nature imprinted with the 21e century.

Will we one day have a house where we can see a sign "FOUNDED in 2019 in Beloeil" .. To be continued.



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