Guide to making the right choice of an earring


Vox & Oz Guide to make the right choice of earring

 The choice of earring determines the style you want to adopt. For this you must take into account several factors when making this choice in order to make better purchases even from a distance.

Here is a guide for selecting the best earring! The one that will look great on you! The promise to be at its best!


5 basic rules: “Let's seek balance! "

  1. Face Shape
  2. Length
  3. Facial features
  4. Colour
  5. Texture





Oval face: Good news since he will wear all types of earrings.

Round face : Long earring to lengthen and get that coveted oval.

Square face : Round earring at the center of the face to round out the shape.

Heart face (small chin): Oval earring or triangle: narrow at the top and wider at the bottom of the face.

Triangle face (stronger jaw) Earring with a more refined point at the bottom of the face.




Measure from the tip of the earlobe to above the top of the shoulder. You then divide by 2 which will reveal the maximum ideal length of your earring.


This length will avoid hanging clothes on the top of the shoulders. Unless that's what we're looking for.


Example: Ear to shoulder length 14 cm:  Creoles or Rings 7 cm length


  1. Facial features


Depending on whether you want to accentuate your features or you want to attenuate them, your choice will match your features or will be the opposite.

Structured Traits (Linear-angular, straight nose)

  • We reinforce: Choice of an earring with linear, square shapes
  • We attenuate: Choice of an earring with rounded, curved shapes.

Rounded-soft-lunar features, round nose.

Combined strokes - strokes combining rounded and straight strokes.


  1. COLOR


All colors are permitted. However…

If you are COLD type: Silver metals will be perfect with your appearance, very chic! Cool colors include the whole gamut of greens, blues and purples. The reds will be tinged with blue which will result in a raspberry red closer to the color fuchsia.

If you're HOT type: Gold metals look great on your side. Warm colors include the range of yellows, oranges, reds, pinks. The blues will be tinged with yellow which will result in a more turquoise blue.




Here is a way to finalize your choice by taking into account the texture, which will once again make it possible to never regret your choice.


Several options on the market are available to you, today we can affirm that the texture of matte earring or even 3D Nylon, will go wonderfully alongside all skin types. Whether the skin is mature or well-rounded, the mat will be much more enveloping and will combine without playing on the contrast. In addition, the matte texture ensures a most contemporary signature.


The pearly finish of the pearls will suit all skin types. It will act naturally by ensuring the shiny side or the matte side.  The Pearl is certainly a woman's best friend for a luminous and natural effect in all circumstances.


In conclusion, shopping for earrings whether for a gift or for yourself is often a very emotional time. The crush is often what triggers the final choice. Without interrupting your instincts too much, we hope that these few tips will lead you to the perfect earring for you! 


Most of all have fun!


  • Have you found these tips helpful? Let us know your experience.
  • Would you like more details? Leave us your comments.
  • You are looking for something specific, we really want to know it, we love to develop new products!


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    You have a very interesting and useful blog to help us choose our earring… ..thank you very much.

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